We feel blessed to have found Choober Doobers!!! Nongkek pays so much attention to every aspect of our son’s well being….I trust her completely and am happy to see my son so happy and loved! He loves the homemade food, fun art projects a daily playing outside. As a parent, I love the daily verbal communication & photo/video updates throughout my day…it really feels great to have found a caregiver that truly takes care of your kids as if they were her own. Thank you CD’ers….we couldn’t be happier!!

-Rachelle Huang


Kanlayanee had been with our family for five years. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for all her help these past years. She was a wonderful friend to our family. My boys love her.

From the very beginning when Kanlayanee walked through our door she was energetic and happy. It is rare that there is not a smile on her face. She lights up the room with her joy for life. She has the patience of a saint and a soft way of talking with the children. Never does Kanlayanee yell or raise her voice. She talks to the children in a clam rational way to help them with an issue or a behavior problem.

Entertaining three boys is not an easy endeavor. Kanlayanee had the gift of being active with them but also doing art and puppet shows. This a great balance of activities that she does with children each day. She knew their likes and dislikes and what will work with each personality. Structure and routine are important to us and she found it just as important.

Life is crazy around our house, but when Kanlayanee was around she made it more peaceful for us. She is organized, clean and very efficient with her time. She was always thinking about what she will do next and how to organize the day for the children.

There is no doubt in our minds that she truly loves our children. She takes her job very seriously and always exceeds expectations.

Carrie Gretsch



I’ve observed Kanlayanee to consistently and kindly reinforce her charges to share toys, take turns, use manners, and other “ideal” behavior. I appreciate her consistency and high expectations for children. In addition, as our children aged, she was instrumental in encouraging collaborative play among the children. From singing songs at the swing set, making sand pancakes in the sandbox, and chalk racetracks for cars, to hide-and-seek behind saplings, and relay races using repetition of vowels as callouts, our time at the playground was always improved when Kanlayanee was there.

Kanlayanee has a gifted intuition about the needs and interests of children. This magic extends beyond just the children that she interacts with daily. When asked, she provides insightful advice and worthwhile suggestions. It’s been over a year since she left San Francisco and neighbors still ask after her. Kanlayanee brings a lot to the child care profession. With her experience and education, she will be a fantastic child care business owner and important addition to the business community.

Lola Barr


Kanlayanee was our Au Pair from December 2005 through November 2007. As our Au Pair she lived in our home and took care of our two children. Our daughter was nearly five and our son was 4 months old at the time of her arrival.

Kanlayanee was an extraordinary Au Pair. She took wonderful care of our children. She worked very hard and was a caring person. She knows children very well and knows just how to communicate and connect with them. She kept our children safe and did far more than just watch them; she played with them, taught them and kept them active. Our son was not a big eater so Kanlayanee had to work extra hard to encourage him to eat so he could grow up healthy. My family will always be grateful for those extra efforts that kept them eating enough to grow up strong. My children adored Kanlayanee (and still do). When Kanlayanee left after two years, it took months before my son was willing to accept our new Au Pair.

As our Au Pair, she traveled with us when we went on vacation so we got to know her well. She is dependable, reliable, hard working, conscientious and honest. She is also fun to be with.

Vince Ridley